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Ballian Eulo and Ballian Bling

@ 2 months.

They're also down the page further as week olds.





 Hi I'm Anne Willett and I'm one of the founding members of the original Aussie Miniature Grey Cattle Inc and now a founding member and President of The Queenslander and Mini Grey Cattle INC.

The Queenslander are a mix of Mini Grey or Square Meaters with the Boran. the Square Meater and Mini Grey are muscular and early maturing registered breeds. Derived from the Murry Grey, height and early maturity being the only difference.

The Boran are a breed 2000 years old, originating with the Ethiopan Borana tribe, the Somali, Orma and Massi also favor this breed along with commercial cattle men in Kenya. In one word they are the best foragers. We have a gene star rating of 8 in most of the herd that has been tested, "this is the highest score possible for feed efficiency" and they have fully passed the 7 to 8 rating on to our Queenslander cattle.


The Queenslander is from 25% to 75% Boran in the breed rules. They are a hardy, versatile, naturally polled ( long term goal ) breed, that can be small to medium in size depending on your need...serious beef, easy care lawn mooers...or pets. This breed has taken some thought by experienced cattle breeders to produce. Easy calving with excellent temperament, fine grained beef, tick resistance and virtually eliminating pink eye.

Ideal for the small farm or organic beef industry.


Tick Spray = $$$

Wormers    = $$$

Pink-eye cream = $$$

Knowledge that you're saving the environment and your health by dramatically reducing chemical use... PRICELESS

Why small cattle

I read an interesting article on the net in November 2010 'Why mini cows could save the planet' and this is how it went:

Farmers in the US are getting excited about miniature cattle that are less than one metre tall, and may be the future of sustainable farming. When you hear the words mini cows, they sound as if they are the result of someones daft hobby. but miniature cattle could be the future of environmentally - friendly beef. In the US, where around 30kg of beef is eaten per person each year, farms are ditching Holsteines and Aberdeen Angus for their smaller counterparts, and there are now well over 200,000 mini cows in the US. Professor Richard Gradwohl is responsible for 18 new breeds of miniature cattle on his Seattle farm, including a miniature Panda - fluffy eye patched cow just 107 cm high. "His micro mini cattle are less than 86.5 cm tall. Those shorter than 92 cm are known as Teacup cattle". He further explains 'that it is possible to raise 10 miniature cows on 5 acres rather than just 2 full sized cows, meaning the land could yeald up to 3 times as much beef - but the cows only need 1/3 of the feed.'

According to Gradwohl with the worries about cow's greenhouse contributions, 'It takes 10 mini cows to produce the same amount of methane gas as 1 full sized cow.'

The mini cows beef tastes great. The bigger the cow, the longer the cells in the muscles are. A shorter cell means  more tender beef, so smaller breeds have naturally better tenderness and flavour.

Although they sound innovative, mini cows date back to the 1600's. When British farmers developed small breeds because they only had 5 acre farms. Now  with a bit of luck, more of the 1.3 billion strong farmers and cattle breeders world wide might also try them out for size.

Ballian Shana              Queenslander

DOB 31/12/2008

Sire - Matunda ( Full Blood Boran )   Dam - Ballian Sheba ( Queenslander )

Shana has been shown in 2009 and came home with 2 Jr interbreed championships, the Judges can't get over the silkiness of the Queenslander coat.



2011 Queenslander calves










                                QUEENSLANDER COWS


 These Queenslander cows have been put to Hurston who has a little more Boran blood in him 75%, in the future we will come back to a 50% ( the same as the cows in the pick) as this gives us all the parasite control we need and retains bulk. His photo is in the Bull for sale section.








                                                                Ballian Mora

2010 Queenslander Spring Calves thus far




       BALLIAN NADA and new bull calf F5. NADA shows what we are after breeding, this is her 3rd calf,and they have all been good dooers like mum. She hasn't been wormed or sprayed since weaning.





It's really hard to get a good photo of this one because she's so long. We've noticed with this breed that if a heifer looks muscular as a calf like this one they tend to soften as they get older. She is showing a good combination of Square Meater and Boran blood.






If you look at this photo you'll notice that at 4 months she is almost as long as a mature cow. Her stout stature and strong spine will support this length.














DAM: BALLIAN SHEBA She is leaning a little more towards the Boran in shape.











 BALLIAN UNIQUE D.O.B. 2.11.2010

Dam: BALLIAN ULTRA a heifer, we will follow her progress.








 BALLIAN MORA and bull calf Fred F2 D.O.B. 21.8.10, Mora is a heifer and we will be taking her calf off her so that she can grow out, he is almost 3 months and she has done a great job raising him. As you can see she has scurrs we are working on a clean poll for this breed.





Ballian Suzette (white) 28/10/09 and Ballian Bling 5/11/09 (red). Sire is Hursten. He is in the Bulls for sale.



     BELOW: Ballian Bling. Hasn't she changed. 

      Photo taken 10 6/02/10.  


Now look at her! Two years on and she's a true miniature. Never been sprayed or wormed. A real easy care heifer.  And she's up for sale in our pets for sale section.

                                                                                 Photo taken 11 / 11 / 11        




Farm Friends

These are some of our ISA chooks, they are the best little layers we have ever had, nothing like the taste and look of fresh free range eggs. The Guinea Fowl are great little mates, we haven't seen a snake up near the house in a while, we used to see one a week now it's one or two a year.


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