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We’re situated in South East Queensland Australia on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane.


We started our Stud in December 1997 using only older cows (8 – 12 years) with strong backs, good legs while being proven and capable mothers. This gave us a sound genetic base to start our herd, using only the best AI bulls available, we then bred quite a few Square Meater Champion (Bulls and Heifers). 'Square Meaters are the old style Murry Grey', early maturing, very muscular and not very tall ( No Iffs Just Butts ) is their slogan, Their height rules at 12 month's then changed making them almost as tall as the Murry Greys. 'Not what I was after'.


Here at Ballian Stud, it was noted that people on small acreage’s not used to having cattle, wanted our beasts even smaller, so getting together with other Square Meater Studs we developed the Mini Grey that is doing quite well at shows and features in many the small breed Show sections today.


However I found that the older I got the less tolerant of chemicals I became, thus the Queenslander was created. Using our proven Square Meaters / Miniature Greys and the ancient breed of the African Massi cattle, the Boran, we have developed a breed that is both internal and external parasite resistant, short and stocky, naturally polled with a wonderful temperament. This all equals less work for me, at 60 years I’m not ready to give up my farm yet.


These are early days (2009) but we have now proven our Queenslander Cattle in the show ring, Ballian Damper and Ballian Shana have won junior championships in the small breed interbreed section at the shows, the judges love their softness and general shape, and are interested in the development of the breed.

So begins a new direction in the small to medium framed cattle for us at Ballian Stud, we hope to encourage many more families and organic beef farmers on this interesting and rewarding journey.  



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