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Maleny Show and our Show Team

MALENY SHOW: Keith Robins of Excelicior Stud and I enjoy some lunch and a chat, while admiring our show team.

 Ballian Damper looking good and won his class as junior small breed interbreed champion at Maleny and Woodford. The judges comments were very encouraging and they all admired the softness of the coat, one judge was so impressed she invited everyone interested in breeding cattle to feel the coat, as she hadn't felt that softness in 20 years of judgeing.

 Ballian Shana also did very well winning her class as Junior interbreed champion. We will be looking forward to her calving and showing her with a calf at foot next year.






Excelsior Mini Grey Cattle Stud

 Jamilla Park Crystal Shown by Keith Robins on the left, and Ballian Peace shown by Cameron Robins on the right.Two very nice representatives of the Mini Grey breed.

Ballian Peace owned and shown by Cameron Robins of Excelsior Mini Grey Stud.

Peace had decided she had done her bit, so it was time for a lay down and wasn't easiley budged much to every ones ammusement.


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