Ballian Cattle Stud


BOUTIQUE BEEF OR BABY BEEF $18.00/kg                                        this price is subject to sale prices

We wish to support struggling families by cutting out the middle man, and offering a quality beef product from our farm and one other producer so far, at Ballian Cattle Stud our beef is hormone antibiotic and insecticide free,

The Queenslander Cattle produce a fine grain beef that is both tender and tasty, our animals are treated humanly at all times, they free range in paddocks and are fed "superior minerals", and hay as a supplement daily, this makes sure their nutrition is optimum, giving you a healthy chemical & hormone free product.Grass fed beef on forage only diets show elivated Vitam A, Vita E, Omega 3, and 3: omega -6 ratio linoleic acid. Modern farming practices have turned many healthy foods into a slow acting poison, time we all said enough and made some choices for good health.

Our beef is sold at the most reasonable price of $18.00 per kg a side, we do not deal in smaller lots. A side in weight can vary depending on your preference for 2 year old or 10 to 12 month old from 60 to 90kg,

It is pick up only from our farm on the Sunshine Coast unless other arrangements are made. Phone to order at 07 54945362. or send an email to [email protected].There can sometimes be a delay depending on the supply of suitable animals.  

Please download our meat order form here or just place it over the phone and I will talk you through it.



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